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Nebraska Auto Insurance Requirements

Nebraska Auto Insurance RequirementsThe only type of auto insurance Nebraska requires is liability. Bodily injury liability pays for another person’s medical expenses and lost wages that are the result of your negligent operation of a vehicle. Nebraska specifies minimum liability coverage amounts of 25/50/25. Here’s what that means.

Property damage liability

Should a driver’s at-fault accident result in one other person’s injury or death, the insurance policy will pay up to $25,000 in bodily injury claims, and up to $50,000 in combined bodily injury claims when two or more persons are involved in the accident. Property damage liability pays for the repair or replacement costs of property damage caused by the at-fault driver to the tune of $25,000. Property includes the other driver’s vehicle, signs, buildings, etc.

Minimum liability limits not enough

Since these liability limits may not be enough to fully cover all resulting claims, individuals shopping for coverage should take time to investigate the added costs versus the benefits of choosing higher limits. Of course, doing so is entirely optional.

Types of coverage in Nebraska

What’s also optional is every other type of coverage a Nebraska auto insurer offers. Do your homework and you’ll know what you’ll be getting in terms of added protection with optional coverage. Speaking of optional coverage, something that’s usually worthwhile is Comprehensive/Collision. This coverage pays your car’s repair or replacement costs should your car be damaged either by a collision or by a reason that is beyond your control, like theft and weather.

Two other coverage options

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist coverage (UM/UIM) are two other coverage options you may wish to investigate. In today’s tough economy, drivers are choosing less protection as a way to save money on auto insurance. Some drivers are even driving without any auto insurance at all. When you add UM/UIM to your policy, you have some protection if you’re involved in a hit and run accident or an accident with a driver who has no insurance. UIM may pay the balance of your bodily injury claims in the event the at-fault driver’s liability coverage is insufficient to pay all your bills.

Nebraska Department of Insurance

For fast answers to your auto insurance questions, get in touch with the Nebraska Department of Insurance. The department can be reached by phone at (877)564-7323 or online at


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